Redfive Creative

 The creative music agency for film, tv
 and advertising.


What We do.

Creative searches & licensing

At the core of everything, we’re just music and film geeks with mild tinnitus. Using our varied musical passions and experience to create resourceful and unique responses to any one brief. 

We love an unreleased Morrissey b-side as much as the next guy, but sometimes a techno Tina Turner remix really hits the spot. 

Bespoke composition and re-records

Using our broad network of agents and independent composers to bring impactful compositions to the desired content. A seamless relationship between our supervisors and composers is paramount to hitting the desired creative. 

sonic branding and music strategy

The sound of your brand is as important as the image, we help clients create meaningful and impactful sonic identities to amplify their message.



production, score funding and financial analysis

We’re more than a gun for hire, we care about the quality of our clients work as much as they do. 
Our work is across multiple film and music verticals - we understand the process from inception to delivery, not just within the musical departments, but right across any given production.